Finding Graves

The Sunnyside Cemetery website has lots of historical information worth exploring. Sunnyside Cemetery uses Find-A-Grave website as a tool to physically locate a grave within the cemetery.

1.   When you go to Find-A-Grave website through the link provided below it takes you away from the Sunnyside Cemetery site so you will need to return to Sunnyside Cemetery to access Sunnyside’s specific information.

2.   Find-A-Grave is a website owned now by Ancestry. Sunnyside Cemetery takes advantage of it as it provides GPS info, headstone photos and information about the deceased. This site is crowd sourced and developed by thousands of volunteers capturing burial data throughout the world using the Find-A-Grave Volunteer App Locate Tool.  Full explanation below.


3.   Open this Find-A-Grave link and search for the decedent’s name.  Once in the site you will find the headstone image and a map icon to click on.  It is helpful to view the map in Satellite view.



Search Tool below of most accurate listing of burials in Sunnyside Cemetery
What this means is that the database the alphabetical search below provides is of the burials the cemetery staff have put into the Sunnyside database.  It would be the most current data set.  It does NOT provide GPS info.  As noted above Sunnyside relies on the Find-A-Grave website to provide GPS info that easily locates graves.





What is Find a Grave?


Find a Grave is the best place on the internet to look for burial and other final disposition information for your family, friends and famous people. The site provides tools that let people from all over the world work together, share information and build an online, virtual cemetery experience.

At Find a Grave you’ll find details about cemeteries and individual memorials for many people buried in those cemeteries. Memorials generally include birth, death and burial information and may include pictures, biographies, family information and more. Members can contribute what they know and can leave remembrances via 'virtual flowers' on the memorials they visit, completing the virtual cemetery experience.

Our goal

Find a Grave's mission is to help people from all over the world work together to find, record and present final disposition information as a virtual cemetery experience.

Who is behind Find a Grave?

First and foremost, you are. Thousands of contributors submit new listings, updates, corrections, photographs and virtual flowers every hour. The site simply wouldn't exist without the million+ contributors. When it comes to administrating, building, maintaining and supporting the site, there are dedicated Find a Grave teams that help out on a daily basis.


Find a Grave got its start in 1995 when founder Jim Tipton built a website to share his hobby of visiting the graves of famous people. He found that many people shared his interest and quickly opened the site for all individuals (famous and non-famous) with a mission for finding, recording and presenting burial and final disposition information worldwide. Since then, millions of contributors have been entering memorials, photos, GPS locations, biographies and other rich content to the site. As the site grew, the community grew also. Find a Grave houses the largest international graving community in the world. In 2013, Find a Grave became a wholly owned subsidiary of Ancestry® and launched a new iOS mobile app. The Android app was released in 2014. Ancestry redesigned the website and released it in August, 2018. The community continues to add and update memorials every day. We look forward to an exciting future for the site and the community!