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How to find in the cemetery where someone is laid to rest.


STEP  1  Begin with what data you collected on the "Burial Listings" page

Section/Lot          _________________        (Some blocks have only Spaces)

Block                   _________________        ( Examples are "Sherman Addon" and "Blocks 1 thru 6"

Space                   _________________        (Typically just a number)

STEP  2  Now go to the map of the Cemetery below.  


If you are on site at the cemetery you can use the Kiosk next to the Block House which has a large map similar to the one above to begin physically locating the block.  As you view the map note the NAMES of the Blocks.    Standing at the Kiosk by the Block House and looking at the Columbarium you would be facing North.  Find the block name on the map that matches your search "Block" name.

STEP  3   This takes you to the next step which is locating the grave within a named block. When that block opens you will see a red grid overlaying the aerial image of that block.  This takes a bit of looking to get oriented to how the grid lays out over the aerial view of the block.  Blocks may or may not be broken into Sections or Lots.  If your data search shows a Lot number you want to locate that Lot within the block first and then the Space within that Lot.    If you have a Section number or Alpha Letter you need to find that Sec/row before looking at spaces within it. 


Now,  click on the Block Name listed below that you found.  If you need an example two are below the Block Names listed here.

  • Pratt Addition

  • Sunnyside

  • Ebey

  • Valley View

  • Valley View 1st Addition

  • Sherman Addition

  • Block  1

  • Block  1 Addition

  • Block  2

  • Block  2 Addition 

  • Block  3

  • Block  3 Addition

  • Block  4

  • Block  4 Addition

  • Block  5

  • Block  5 Addition

  • Block  6  

  • Block  6 Addition

Not quite sure? 
Here are two examples, one for columbarium niches and one for burial sites.          
Also scroll down to see two Google Maps to help orient you.

Google Map of Cemetery


Google Map up Close


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