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How to find where in the cemetery someone is laid to rest.



There are over 3500 burials at the Sunnyside Cemetery.  Unless you have recently attended an actual burial you could be challenged to locate a grave site.  The method provided below is to help those who visit the site using a combination of accessing our data set under "Burial and Columbarium Listings", aerial imagery, and grid map overlays of the grave sections, lots and spaces. 


At this point in time the cemetery does NOT have each grave located by GPS coordinates.  By using the aerial imagery we hope that you are able to walk to the grave and be very close to it, thereby allowing you to find it quickly.


STEP  1  Begin by going back to the Burial or Columbarium Listings and selecting the FIRST letter of the Last Name of the deceased you are looking for in the alphabet row.  Click on that letter in the row and wait for the table results to appear.  There are likely multiple pages of names starting with that letter.  Scroll through them until you find the full name of the deceased.  Once located in the table write on a separate piece of paper the:

Block                    _________________

Section/Lot         _________________

Space                   _________________

(Not all graves will have a Section/Lot number, just a Space)

Once you have this information return to this page, "Finding a Burial Site" found under "Burial Listings"

STEP  2  Now that you have those three things you can go to the MAP of the Cemetery.  Go back to the main menu and select Cemetery Blocks.  Choose the block you found in your search and wrote down.  The Block should appear with a red grid overlaying the aerial image of that block.  


If you are on site at the cemetery you can use the Kiosk next to the Block House which has a large map to begin physically locating the block.  As you view the map note the NAMES of the Blocks.    Standing at the kiosk by the Block House and looking at the Columbarium you would be facing North.

STEP  3   This takes you to the next step which is locating the grave within a named block.   You will see the red grid overlaying the aerial image of that block.  This takes a bit of looking to get oriented to how the grid lays out over the aerial view of the block.  Blocks may or may not be broken into Sections or Lots.  If your data search shows a Lot number you want to locate that Lot within the block first and then the Space within that Lot.    If you have a Section number or Alpha Letter you need to find that Sec/row before looking at spaces within it.

Here are two examples, one for columbarium niches and one for burial sites.          
Finding a burial site through a different website called
Putting a name in the box below will take you away from the Sunnyside Cemetery website to the "Find A Grave" website.  That website often has more information about the person buried and even GPS coordinates sometimes to help locate them.  Once into that site you must go out of it to go back to Sunnyside's website.  Find A Grave does a nice job of providing a picture of the headstone or marker.  If there are no GPS coordinates then you will want to come back to Sunnyside Cemetery to use its grid system to find the burial site.  The Google Earth app will help you locate the grave by putting in the gps coordinates.

Google Map of Cemetery

Google Map up Close

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