The History of Sunnyside Cemetery

Written and Researched by
Theresa L. Trebon
Continuum History and Research

Sunnyside Cemetery, 1924
Photo courtesy of Lillian Huffstettler

Welcome to Sunnyside Cemetery, a historic burying ground that has served the central Whidbey community since 1865. Here rest the men and women that built this community, as well as individuals who played key roles in the settlement of Washington State. Here are descendents of the Indian tribes who were the island's first occupants, pioneers who crossed the Oregon Trail, and sea captains from the eastern United States, who sailed into Penn Cove in the early 1850s - found their idyllic vision of safe harbor - and stayed. The monuments that mark Sunnyside Cemetery tell many stories. We invite you to learn more about this remarkable place, an integral part of the lives of many, who come here to mourn, and to recall, the people whose memories they hold dear.

I had my "start" there near Ebey's Landing, at "Aloha Farm" which also was where my mother, an uncle, two brothers, and a sister were born. Ebey's Prairie is one of the most beautiful places in the world. ...My favorite view of it is from Sunnyside Cemetery. The colors of the fields change from season to season - From black soil to greens, to golds and tans and browns. Sunnyside Cemetery overlooks the valley and my family is buried there - parents, both sets of grandparents, great-grandparents, sister, aunts, uncle, and many cousins. I will be there too some day.

- Lillian Dean Huffstettler


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