Sample Grave Locate Using Burial List Data

Let's assume you have gone to the burial listing page.  You looked up your relative and found them through the alphabetical tool there.   You got Block name (Sherman Addon) and Section ("B") and Space ("20") as noted in the sample below.
Now return to the Menu and locate menu item "Cemetery Blocks" and find the link for the Map of Sherman Addition.  Notice that it has sections labeled alphabetically with the first area being " A to F".  You want to select that one in this example.   You found that you need to look for Sec "B".  Once you have gone into that link you will see how the block is laid out.  Now you only need to look for Space "20" in the blue circled "B" section/row.   Note also which way NORTH is.  
The hard part is next.  Now you need to figure out where are you in relation to where Space (20) is.  This is why it is helpful to know how the cemetery is laid out.    If you noticed, that section of Sherman Addition was in the Northwest corner of the cemetery adjacent to the border to the farm next door.   Note on the maps where the North Arrow points
The key to locating things that will help you is to look first at the roads passing through the cemetery, the trees and grave stones.  In this example if you were at the kiosk this section would be past the columbarium.  Paying attention to the map below and starting at the block house note the red dot path.  The road that goes into that block just past the columbarium would be the place to go and then to walk down that road going West.  Take note of the trees and how many there are right next to the road as Space 20 is very close to the last tree on the right side of the road.